Discover a new way to enjoy your cocktails with high-quality spirits wherever you are. Our aperitif kits are crafted with premium alcohol, including vodka, gin, rum, and whisky. Whether you're a fan of classic recipes and spirits or an aspiring mixologist, we have the perfect kit for you. Our DIY cocktail sets are like being at your favorite bar, but with the comfort of being at home.

Our Formats

At Elixirs de Paname, we understand how unpredictable and memorable Parisian nights can be.
That's why we offer nighttime alcohol delivery for every occasion.
Whether it's an intimate evening or a grand celebration, our varied formats adapt to all occasions.
Explore our potions for a personalized cocktail (1 to 2 glasses), our cruchons to accompany your moments with friends in Paris, and our chaudrons for livelier cocktail parties (14 to 17 glasses).

Our Potions
Our Cruchons
Our Chaudrons
Our Cocktail Ranges

Every cocktail tells a story. At Elixirs de Paname, we have carefully crafted two distinct ranges to satisfy all tastes.
Immerse yourself in the exclusivity of our Signature selections or savor the timeless simplicity of our Classics.



Unique creations, specially designed for cocktail enthusiasts in search of something new.


Rediscover your favorite cocktails with an Elixirs de Paname twist. The true taste of authenticity.

Our Edible Glitters

Because we all want a little sparkle in our lives, discover a whole range of original goodies for cocktails. From edible glitter for drinks to miracle berries.


Wherever you are, Elixirs de Paname ensures that your order is delivered safely.
With fast and reliable deliveries across Europe and express delivery in Paris and the Île-de-France region.
We partner with the best providers to ensure that each order is handled with care.

24 to 72-hour Delivery

Enjoy home delivery across all of Europe. Free Delivery for purchases over 150 euros!

Delivery in Île-de-France

Thanks to Stuart, get courier delivery anywhere in Île-de-France from 6 PM to midnight in just a few clicks!


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